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New On Connect

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve your experience on Connect Online Banking and Connect App.

Check out the new features and enhancements that we’ve brought to you in our latest update.

e-Duit Raya

Introducing e-Duit Raya in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations. You can now send e-Duit Raya to family and friends via DuitNow. A modern twist to the traditional Duit Raya packets!



Security Update

As an added security measure to protect your account, any transaction that is deemed unusual / suspicious by our fraud detection system will be temporarily held.  Our Fraud Management Unit will call within an hour to verify transaction authenticity. Once verified your transaction will be approved and will take effect immediately.

You will be notified via SMS /Connect App push notification accordingly.

Type of fund transfers that are subject to call back verification:

  • 3rd Party HLB account
  • Instant Transfer
  • DuitNow to Mobile No /Other ID
  • Telegraphic Transfer

Mobile No. for TAC

You can now use the same mobile number that you have provided to us during account opening when you update your mobile number to receive TAC at any of our ATMs. If you update a different mobile number, you will receive a verification call from our Customer Care team before the number is approved.

You will be notified via SMS of the Approval or Rejection status.

Label updates and other changes

Minor enhancement and label updates to fund transfer journey following the introduction of DuitNow feature.

Connect Online Banking

1. Fund Transfer

  • Other Account Transfer is now Transfers to Others.
  • DuitNow is now DuitNow to Mobile / Other ID.
  • 3rd Party HLB /IBG / Instant Transfers is now 3rd Party HLB Account and Instant Transfer /IBG respectively.

2. Instant Transfer/IBG - Now able to enter more details of up to 40 characters in Recipient Reference and up to 140 characters for Other Payment Details.


3. Add /Delete Favourite

  • DuitNow is now Mobile No / Other ID.
  • 3rd Party HLB is now to HLB Account.
  • Other Banks is now Other Bank Account.


4. Online Transaction Limit - DuitNow is now DuitNow to Mobile/ Other ID


Connect App

  1. Transfer > Other Account transaction will now be via DuitNow (Instant Transfer).
  2. Connect ATM Withdrawal feature at pre-login can be accessed by tapping on More.
  3. DuitNow Settings can be accessed by tapping on Menu > Settings > DuitNow.
  4. Fixed Deposits placement can be made by tapping on Menu > Apply > FD